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New Dane Exclusives Oct 12, 2015

Livingston Homes & Somerset Homes 100% Project Based Section 8. 120 total units across two properties located 0.5 miles from each other. Possible large redevelopment opportunity Bruce Street Gardens Extremely well-managed turnkey opportunity in prime University Heights location. LIHTC Property past year 15 of initial compliance period. 108 residential units and 1 commercial unit Adjacent to Rutgers Biomedical and Health Sciences Campus.

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Saxon/Hart at 2015 WWE Summer Slam Sep 24, 2015

DANE PCG sends out "Kudos & Thanks" to some of our Affordable Housing Clients for the bigness and generosity of their hearts. Through their sponsorship, Saxon/Hart was able to host 12 children stricken with cancer and their families for a full day at Brooklyn's Barclay Center for the 2015 WWE Summer Slam.

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Looking at how far we've come . . . to see where we're going! Feb 5, 2015

2014 was a great year for Dane PCG, our office grew with the hiring of 2 new employees and an intern; Saxon/Hart, a cause marketing alliance and production firm, was founded; and through our daily travels we met and added some truly amazing people to the Dane & Saxon/Hart family. Thanks to our closings with the Dane PCG Clients, we were able to "give back" through Saxon/Hart and create a movement of direct impact giving (DIG) - positively affecting the people around us, their families and friends, our community and the world. "Give to Live. Live to Give." It's who we are. It's what we do. As Steve Jobs said "the journey is the reward" and just look at our journey . . .

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Let's Enter a New Year and Face New Challenges with a Renewed Sense of Strength, Confidence and Hope! - the Dane PCG and SaxonHart Family Dec 8, 2014

Dane PCG and Saxon/Hart are founded by Heidi Burkhart. Dane PCG's platform is aimed to offer the highest quality brokerage and consulting service in the nationwide affordable housing community by creating a team consisting of the utmost respected, professional, knowledgeable, and ethical parties in our respective fields. We surround ourselves with the best in order to be the best. Give us a call today at (212) 575-1400, or browse our listings. Saxon/Hart is a Cause Marketing Alliance that reinvests its net profits in direct impact giving initiatives. The entire Dane PCG team participates in these community outreach endeavors to further the giving-forward initiatives as noted in Dane's mission "Give to Live. Live to Give." Visit our website.

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Dane PCG's Client Supporting Our Saxon/Hart 'Giving Forward' Initiatives Nov 26, 2014

HAPPY THANKSGIVING TO ALL! As we move into the "Giving Season" we dedicate this issue to Saxon/Hart, our cause marketing alliance founded by Heidi Burkhart as a way to bring awareness to and education of social issues and/or community initiatives through collaborations with national and local businesses. Saxon/Hart is our way to work together to "Give to Live. Live to Give" with our Dane PCG Team, clients, friends & supporters.

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Fox TV - Beyond The Dream -features Hedi Burkhart Oct 16, 2014

FOX TV featuring Will Lanier and Heidi Burkhart speaking about the Blank:CANCER workout event on October 8th. They also speak about the challenges of 30 somethings and cancer screening as the number of younger people contracting cancer is on the rise.

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Three Things I Wish I Had Known in My 20's: Heidi R. Burkhart Sep 1, 2014

"The journey is the reward. I wish I'd heard this Steve Jobs quote in my twenties. It's my favorite because it's so true. Each day - with the ups, the downs, the deals lost, the deals gained - it's important to remember that every experience is a learning experience, to be enjoyed along the way. We are what we make ourselves to be, so take what life throws your way and make the most of it."

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What Counts as Affordable Housing? Aug 15, 2014

Deborah Van Amerongen is an affordable housing policy advisor for the law firm Nixon Peabody and the former Commissioner for the New York State Division of Housing. She says she can drive around New York City and point out buildings that "you wouldn't be able to pick it out that it's affordable housing. It doesn't look different from the things around it or the buildings privately financed that go for market rates."

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